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Colin Cameron and Susan Van Dyke take 60 years of combined legal management experience and funnel it into a rapid-fire 30 minute session. They will reveal the common mistakes that small and mid-sized law firms make and will pack in tons of tips and advice you can use to avoid limiting your firm’s success. This session is for law firm administrators and managing partners especially if you are:

• motivated to increase profits
• seeking to improve management practices
• concerned about retaining associates
• growing your firm

Colin and Susan help inspired law firms develop a winning strategic plan and provide overall law firm management support and counsel. Join us, accelerate your firm’s success and get a one-time special invitation to our next session. Brian Mauch will host this webinar.

Your speakers:

Colin Cameron provides strategic profit-focused advice based on over 25 years of executive management and consulting experience with law and professional service firms. Colin advises law firms in these key areas related to profitability: Profitability improvement, strategic planning, firm governance, partner compensation, financial management and operations management. For more information, please visit

Susan Van Dyke is one of the most experienced legal marketing professionals in Canada. She and her team help law firms and lawyers advance their goals with successful strategic insight and tactical methods. Van Dyke Marketing provides marketing, communications, management consulting and recruitment for law firms.  You can reach Susan at [email protected] or visit

Brian Mauch is the founder and CEO of BMC Networks (, an outsourced IT provider that specializes in law firms. Brian focuses on strategic planning and advice for BMC’s clients. Brian can be reached at [email protected] or

Click here to view the recorded webinar: