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Does your firm use Worldox? Wondering where it fits in with the industry shift to cloud-based applications and servers?

Join legal industry specialists Brian Mauch and Bill Baker as they discuss this topic.

Worldox is a popular server-based document management system that many law firms have used for decades.  Working from home during the pandemic has forced firms to consider how they access their data, and opened the door for new cloud-based applications which do not require servers.

Brian and Bill will discuss how to move your firm to the cloud and leverage the benefits of working from anywhere, anytime, from any device… all while protecting your investment in Worldox Pro GX4.  Find out how existing Worldox Pro GX4 installations can be migrated to Microsoft Azure virtual servers, paving the way to future cloud versions of Worldox and a truly serverless environment.

Presented by Brian Mauch, CEO of BMC Networks and Bill Baker of Baker + Cadence Solutions, a leading reseller of Worldox.

Click here to watch the recorded webinar: