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This essential session on marketing fundamentals is for administrators and managing and marketing partners.  We will discuss where to focus your marketing efforts, which tech tools will give you the greatest marketing boost and how marketing and business development strategies have shifted in 2021. These 30 minutes will pack a punch and will give you tools and more confidence to activate your firm’s marketing projects.

Your speaker, Susan Van Dyke, is one of the most experienced legal marketing professionals in Canada. She and her team help law firms and lawyers advance their goals with successful strategic insight and tactical methods. Van Dyke Marketing provides marketing, communications, management consulting and recruitment for law firms.  Susan is a regular speaker at retreats and association events on a variety of legal management topics. You can reach Susan at [email protected] or visit

Co-hosted by Brian Mauch, CEO of BMC Networks – Outsourced IT department for Canadian law firms.

Click here to view the recorded webinar: