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Having trouble retaining associates?

Join legal industry specialists Allison Wolf, PCC and Brian Mauch BCom, JD as they discuss 5 Strategies for Retaining Young Lawyers.

One of the significant challenges for small and mid-sized firms is retaining their associates. Partners are frustrated with putting time and money into recruiting, onboarding, and training associates to have them pull up stakes just as they are starting to be a real help to the firm.

Join us for a lively interactive lunchtime webinar with Lawyer Coach Allison Wolf about the problems of retaining junior lawyers and practical solutions for addressing this challenge. If you have ever thrown up your hands in frustration about losing yet another associate, this lunchtime webinar is for you.

About Allison Wolf, PCC:
Allison is a senior coach who works with lawyers from across Canada and the United States. Allison is passionate about helping her lawyer clients make the shift from surviving to thriving. She is the founder of the AMP (Associate Mentorship Plus) Club (/, a year-long program designed to give junior lawyers access to coaching and mentorship so they can make a strong start to their legal careers.

About Brian Mauch, BCom JD:
Brian is the founder and CEO of BMC Networks (, an outsourced IT provider that specializes in law firms. Brian obtained both law and commerce degrees from the UBC, and then combined his education with his passion for technology to form BMC Networks in 1997. Brian focuses on strategic planning and advice for BMC’s clients.

Click below to view recorded webinar: