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Join legal industry specialists Anna DiBella CPA, CGA and Brian Mauch BCom, JD as they discuss the Future of Law Firm Accounting.

Anna DiBella, Founder of ProFix Accounting & Strategy, and Brian Mauch, Founder and CEO of BMC Networks, bring their collective years of experience working with law firms on strategic solutions to discuss The Future of Law Firm Accounting. Learn about where most firms in the legal industry are today and what solutions some managing partners have implemented to modernize their firms and increase their profit margins. Anna and Brian take lessons from their experience working with law firms and as entrepreneurs themselves to provide tips and tricks on how to ensure your firm implements systems and their accounting and other technology to help solve your problems, not add to them.

This webinar is the perfect edition to your law firms 2021 strategic planning session. They will be discussing:

• Law Firm Accounting Departments Today
• Law Firm Accounting Departments in the Future
• Workflows and Work Force
• Technology & Integrations

Be sure not to miss this one if you are experiencing pain points because of your current technology or if you have problems with inefficient billing, collections or financial reporting systems.

Click here to view the recorded webinar: