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Join three C-Suite experts on October 20th for a 30-minute lunch & learn while we discuss the biggest myths surrounding accounting, IT, and operational cloud-based technology… and how not adapting is affecting your bottom line.

Anna DiBella (Founder of ProFix Accounting & Strategy), Tania Hogan (ProFix’s Business Growth Strategist), and Brian Mauch (Founder of BMC Networks) will discuss what you can do today to improve productivity deficiencies, increase client engagement, and automate processes in your firm.

If you’re noticing that your team is being tied up with the same tasks each month, having to put time into making your current technology stack work and that your leads are not as robust as they used to be, then RSVP today to claim your spot.

There is limited availability to this webinar as the topics being discussed will most definitely lead to an in-depth Q&A period where all three of us are here to answer your most pressing questions.