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Watch this recorded webinar: Define Your Law Firm’s Digital Adoption Strategy Using CDAP Grants and Loans – YouTube

Need help defining your law firm’s digital adoption strategy?
Find out how the CDAP (Canada Digital Adoption Program) “Boost Your Business Technology” program offers up to $15,000 in grants towards a digital strategy and up to $100,000 in interest free loans to help you modernize your firm’s technology.
CDAP is funded by the federal government and is targeted at for-profit Canadian organizations between $500,000 and $100M in revenue.
Join us on December 6th, when Marguerite Fleming and Brian Mauch will walk you through how eligible firms are using this CDAP grant and loan opportunity to accelerate their adoption of modern technology.
In this webinar we will cover:
1. Why law firms must modernize their technology to be competitive and secure their clients’ data
2. The CDAP program overview & requirements
3. Getting started on a CDAP-compliant Digital Adoption Plan
This is a must-see for any law firms concerned with changes in law office technology, and looking for opportunities to become more streamlined and competitive.
Marguerite Fleming, CEO, GrowthFinder Pro Marguerite leads the team at GrowthFinder Pro, supporting the growth of small and medium size businesses to accelerate their digital transformation and enhance their competitiveness. She works with companies to assess their current digital maturity and recommend tailored digital solutions to support their business strategy, and recommend a plan and create a roadmap to guide their transformation journey. Marguerite is a CDAP-certified Digital Transformation Advisor.
Brian Mauch, CEO, BMC Networks Brian Mauch is the founder and CEO of BMC Networks, a Canadian outsourced IT provider that specializes in law firms. Brian obtained both law and commerce degrees from UBC, and then combined his education with his passion for technology to form BMC Networks in 1997. Brian focuses on strategic planning and advice for BMC’s clients.