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This month’s security awareness newsletter from SANS Institute focuses on using mobile apps.

Mobile devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches, have become one of the primary technologies we use in both our personal and professional lives. What makes these devices so powerful are the thousands of apps we can choose from. These apps enable us to be more productive, communicate and share with others, train and educate, or just have more fun. Unfortunately, cyber criminals have mastered their skills at creating and distributing malicious apps that appear to be legitimate. In this edition we share steps you can take to securely use and make the most of today’s mobile apps. Led by Guest Editor Domenica Crognale, download and share OUCH! with family, friends, and co-workers, and as always translated into over 20 languages.

Read the newsletter here:

Securely Using Mobile Apps – SANS OUCH! Newsletter – June 2021