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This month’s security awareness newsletter from SANS Institute focuses on safe web browsing.

Browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox are one of the most common ways people interact with the Internet. We use them for reading the news, checking email, shopping online, watching videos, and playing games. As a result, browsers are also a target for cyber attackers.

Many people assume browsing online is safe if you only visit well-known, trusted websites. However, it is quite easy to accidentally click on or visit an unsafe web page, sometimes without even knowing it. In addition, the very websites you know and trust can be hacked, with cyber attackers installing malicious software on them. Finally, today’s browsers have many new features, which often can be confusing, and if misconfigured, expose you to even more dangers.

Read the newsletter here: SANS OUCH! Newsletter | Browsers | November 2022