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Why Microsoft 365?

Modern day offices are perplexed as to what Microsoft 365 is all about. It is commonly confused with just the typical “Office products”. As a result, customers believe they are just receiving Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. However, these features comes with additional advantages. We’ll explain what they’re all about.

Spot the differences

Microsoft 365 does include the classic Office products, this is only a small part of what is available. The true benefit is frequently overlooked and underestimated, if not completely ignored. Microsoft 365 creates a strategic and essential direction within your company. Besides features such as Exchange Online protection, OneDrive and SharePoint or Teams, Microsoft is enhancing security functions, data analytics, customer relationship managers and much more.

The “Ability” of a Cloud Service Like Microsoft 365

  • Scalability 
    • When subscribing to the Microsoft 365 package, this allows Microsoft to help grow with your business. When starting with the 365 package you may not be using all features at once, but when your company grows, you can simply add additional services and features. With Microsoft 365 being “always up to date” this will take away the headache of outdated and incompatible versions
  • Reliability
    • Since launching Microsoft 365 11 years ago, Microsoft boasts a 99.7% uptime for their services. They continue to invest deeply in their infrastructure to ensure a highly available service, spending over 1 billion yearly on securing it’s 365 infrastructure.
  • Portability  
    • Having problems sending big files over email? OneDrive and SharePoint are easy solutions to help solve large data transfer problems. Using the “Share” feature, you can grant access to large files with an email link. Additionally, when your organization grows, you can simply pay for the additional data storage you need.

One Software, One Lifecycle

Microsoft 365 means that companies use the latest version without the need to implement major migration projects or to provide significant resources. The latest Office, Exchange, SharePoint or Teams product is available and always up to date.


Ready to make the switch?

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