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Still using the native iOS or Android email app? Many people don’t know that there is a free Outlook app which works like the full desktop version of Outlook. I switched a few years ago, and although it took some getting used to because I had used the iOS email app for a long time, I haven’t looked back. Having email, calendar and contacts all in one app is a big improvement. The Outlook app can do almost everything that the desktop Outlook does, including enabling or disabling an out-of-office reply. For those who aren’t on Microsoft 365 yet, the free Outlook app also works with on-premise Exchange servers. If you want to try it out, you can add it to your phone without removing the native iOS/Android app, and use both for a while to see which you prefer.

The free Outlook mobile app delivers a connected experience across email, search and calendar, and deeply integrates with the other Office apps, files and teams to power your productivity and collaboration.