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Are your people splitting their time between home and the office, and having to use their personal mobile numbers for voice calls? Do you have a perfectly fine VoIP system at the office, but people don’t want to carry their VoIP desk phones to and from the office? Have you tried a VoIP softphone app, but missed a lot of calls? I think this may be the “killer app” for Microsoft Teams – our office recently integrated our VoIP phone system with Teams, and now we can send and receive voice calls using our office extensions from our smartphones using the

Microsoft Teams isn’t just for videoconferencing or instant messaging… you can also send/receive internal AND external phone calls from both the desktop and mobile versions of the Teams app. All you need is a speaker and a microphone, which all smartphones and most computers already have. Enable the integration between Teams and your company’s existing VoIP system, and you may never need to use a traditional desk phone again!