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BMC Networks Protects Law Firms With Multi-Layered Cybersecurity Services

Don’t assume a simple cybersecurity defense will actually protect you from the many cybercrime threats out there. This is precisely why BMC Networks protects clients with a multi-layered cybersecurity defense.

In 2021, 39% of Canadian businesses were hit with ransomware, and that number is expected to nearly double over the course of this year.

And that’s just ransomware—the fact is that cybercriminals have an extensive arsenal of weapons to attack with. Are you hoping your lone firewall will be enough to keep your  firm safe from all of them?

The BMC Networks team knows that the only way to effectively maintain cybersecurity is with an approach that builds a culture of best practices, in combination with a range of carefully chosen technologies.

That’s why we offer a multi-layer cybersecurity service…

Law Firms Cybersecurity Services Canada

How BMC Networks Protects Law Firms


Antivirus software is used in conjunction with a firewall to provide defense against malware, adware, and spyware. Each of these cybercriminal tactics has the potential to do immense damage to internal processes and a company’s reputation. The job of antivirus software is to spot, block, and isolate intrusive, malicious applications so they can’t do damage to your data and legitimate software.


Our Anti-Spam solution keeps both dangerous and time-wasting emails out of your users’ inboxes. This both mitigates the threat of phishing emails, and ensures your team isn’t bogged down with messages that are unrelated to their work.

DNS Filtering

When our DNS filtering solution is in place, you’re able to keep your network safe and ensure user compliance with your pre-defined internet policies. If a website is deemed inappropriate or malicious, users will be redirected to a local IP address that explains why the website can’t be accessed.


Two-Factor Authentication is a critical part of modern cybersecurity. It protects accounts by requiring the user to utilize two methods to confirm that they are the rightful account owner.

BDR (Local & Cloud)

Our backup solution ensures you have a safe copy of your data for quick recovery in instances of data loss, as well as an offsite cloud-based backup for when your  firm is hit with a critical disaster.

Dark Web Monitoring

Our Dark Web Monitoring service is designed to detect compromised credentials that surface on the dark web in real-time, offering your firm a comprehensive level of data theft protection.

This enterprise-level service is tailored to firms like yours. This dark web monitoring solution keeps tabs on the shadiest corners of the online world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—no exceptions.

Patch Management

Did you know that the most common way cybercriminals get into a network is through loopholes in common third-party programs? That means the computer programs you rely on to get work done every day could be leaving you vulnerable to security breaches.

Our team will manage your patches and updates for you, verifying them and installing them during off-hours so that you’re protected from emergent cybercrime threats.

Phishing Tests and Cybersecurity Training

Security awareness training helps employees know how to recognize and avoid being victimized by phishing emails and scam websites.

They learn how to handle security incidents when they occur. If employees are informed about what to watch for, how to block attempts, and where they can turn for help, this alone is worth the investment.

A comprehensive cybersecurity training program will teach staff members how to handle a range of potential situations:

  • How to identify and address suspicious emails, phishing attempts, social engineering tactics, and more.
  • How to use business technology without exposing data and other assets to external threats by accident.
  • How to respond when you suspect that an attack is occurring or has occurred.

BMC Networks Defends Firms With A Multi-Layered Cybersecurity Suite

With our team managing your cybersecurity, you can trust that you have a multi-layered defense keeping your data secure. You don’t have to worry about different threats overcoming a basic cybersecurity solution—you’re protected on all fronts.

Are you relying on a simple cybersecurity solution right now?

Every minute you continue to do so, you’re putting your data at risk. Get in touch with our team to learn more about our multi-layered approach to cybersecurity.