of mind

We offer our customers peace of mind by handling all of their IT needs and monitoring their systems to detect issues and resolve them before they impact their business.

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The value of outsourcing your IT as easy to understand! Use our Cost Calculator to determine how much you could be saving!



Many IT services companies only offer reactive solutions, meaning that no preventative actions are taken to protect your system and your sensitive information before a problem occurs. Our 24/7 automated monitoring of critical systems offers a proactive solution, rather than a reactive one.

When you choose BMC Networks you can have a peace of mind about your IT systems. Our multiple layers of security protect your data from a wide range of attacks, and our data backups and built-in redundancies dramatically reduce the chances of data loss occurring.

keeping your
data safe

Storing your data outside of Canada puts your client’s confidential information at risk, which is why BMC uses Canadian cloud-based storage solutions to ensure data sovereignty.

When you rely on BMC Networks for your IT needs you can feel confident that your information is always safely stored and protected.

multiple levels
of security

At BMC Networks we take a multi-layered approach to keeping your data secure because we know that there is no single silver bullet that can protect your data from all risks.

Attacks on your system can come from multiple sources and in a variety of ways, and by offering proactive monitoring and a “layered” approach to protecting your sensitive information we ensure that your system is safe and secure.

remote and onsite
backup solutions

At BMC Networks we know that having peace of mind when it comes to your IT security is essential to operating your business, which is why we provide onsite and offsite backups.

We’ll always ensure that your data is backed up and stored securely onsite and duplicate it off site so you don’t need to worry about losing your data in the event of an emergency.

By outsourcing to IT professionals like ourselves you can enjoy the comfort that comes with knowing that a team of experts are providing superior uptime, network maintenance, and support.


Many businesses who handle sensitive client information worry about ransomware attacks, which infiltrate your system and block access to or publish the data unless a ransom is paid.

By choosing BMC Networks you can feel confident in your data security, and rest easy knowing that you don’t have to worry about your data being stolen or withheld.

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do you know
the status of your IT network?

When you count on BMC Networks for your professional IT solutions, you can expect us to provide a comprehensive one-time infrastructure audit which provides real-time information on the status of your IT hardware and software.