How Can You Get The Best Value From BMC Networks’ Services?

Let’s Work Together To Optimize Our Partnership

To maintain the best possible partnership with each one of our clients, BMC wants to ensure that you’re getting all the services and support you need, and in the way you need them. We want to keep you aware of everything that’s available to you and keep you involved in your IT planning every step of the way.

This is why we offer resources like this newsletter, blog, and annual Technology Business Reviews to keep you informed. And, why we want to check in with you from time to time to make sure that you’re happy with the services BMC provides.

We want you to know about:

The best way to get fast service and support.

The current services we offer.

New services that we’ll be offering and locations in Western Canada that we’ll be covering down the road.

Upcoming educational events or resources.

How Can Law Firms Optimize Their Partnership With BMC Networks?

Ask Us How To Get The IT Support You Need

Do you and your staff know the best way to request support and what will happen? Here’s what you should know:

Call us at (604) 789-3401, or email your support request to [email protected].

You will automatically be assigned to your support technician.

A technician will get back to you and schedule a time for support.

The request will be updated to reflect any changes.

Your tech will perform onsite or remote support.

All work will be updated in the support request.

Work will continue until a resolution is completed.

Be sure to ask us any questions or tell us about concerns you have. All issues are important, and support will be provided either that day or the following day. You can get immediate support for emergencies such as if a system goes down or if technology issues impact your business operations.

Ask Us To Go Over Our Services & Processes

We’ll be happy to provide an overview of what you should expect from BMC. Here’s an idea of some of the things we may discuss:

Your Client Success Manager

Your advocate for any service-related issues

To help you plan and budget your long-term IT spend

Your Service Manager

Your direct line to the state of any service request

To escalate and resolve any and all service complaints

Has the ability to track down techs and respond to emergencies

Handles all scheduling

Ensures responsiveness and complete resolution of issues

Your Primary and Secondary Technicians

Assigned technical generalists to handle your daily support

Responsible for providing onsite and remote support as dictated by the support agreement

The primary technician is the go-to resource for your business.

The secondary is an assigned technician to fill in should the primary be unavailable.

Our IT Project Director

Ensures the completion of all IT projects

Communicates with you throughout the project with regular project updates

IT Project Deployment

For any required introduction of new hardware, software, and services

IT Procurement

How to use our buying power by going direct to tier-one vendors

Our ability to procure nearly any hardware, software, or cloud service required

Our 24-Hour System Monitoring

With enterprise-class monitoring system of all your servers and workstations

Includes a best practice threshold to ensure your critical systems stay up and running

Uses system-wide issue detection and auto-remediation with escalations

Our Proactive Maintenance

Proactive identification of potential system issues

Ensures the critical systems you depend on stay up and running

What Are The Benefits Of Optimizing Your Partnership With BMC Networks?

We will help you leverage our IT Services in the best way. And, you’ll be a key player in your IT planning and implementation.

We will leverage our law firm expertise and unmatched knowledge of the legal industry to improve your business functionality. And, we’ll work together on an ongoing basis to review IT budgeting and growth plans.

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