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The Advantage

Cloud technology provides numerous advantages to legal companies. It lowers the cost of maintaining proprietary infrastructure and enables law firms to increase their storage space quickly. Firms can also readily access their data from a variety of devices. As a result, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that more law firms are turning to the cloud for data management. In fact, according to statistics from our clientele, 62% of law firms already retain their data in the cloud. The remaining firms are anticipated to migrate soon.

Technology & Compliance

Law firms must be able to demonstrate that they have taken the required precautions to protect their client and corporate data. Data and records must adhere to a broad range of regulatory standards regardless of the industry in which they practice. To make sure cloud records and any cloud-based product, for that matter, are secure, law firms must take necessary precautions.
The frequency of data backups, the security procedures utilized, the retention periods placed on specific business records, and other criteria might all fall under this category.

Managing Cloud Data

When information is uploaded to the cloud, another factor that law firms should think about is who has access to it. With your information on cloud servers, there is a chance that someone with improper authorization could access your files and try to steal them. This could be an instance of non-compliance, which could lead to not only fines but also reputational harm. To lower the risk of these situations, always consider the strongest security practices available.

Cyber Attacks and Information

Cyber security incidents have increased 50% year over year. The fear of cyberattacks is what prevents many law firms from utilizing the cloud. Individuals and their level of knowledge makes up a factor in the cyber security equation. It is always advisable for someone who handles sensitive data to have in-depth training on how to safeguard it and avoid falling victim to hackers’ trickery. One of the first actions that law firms should take to increase the firm’s overall resilience is to implement training.

Asking the appropriate questions is essential for a seamless transition to the cloud. Reach out to BMC Networks and get the right information for your cloud transition.