Breaking News – Worldox acquired by NetDocuments

CEO of NetDocuments, Josh Baxter, announced Tuesday morning that they have acquired global document management system rival Worldox. Baxter has started that customers would be able to move at their own pace and that both systems would be maintained. Baxter is quoted as saying “Some people will want to move to NetDocuments quickly. Some will…
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Breaking News – Zero-day Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server

Vulnerability Microsoft has confirmed two unpatched Exchange Server zero-day vulnerabilities are being exploited by cybercriminals in real-world attacks. Microsoft’s Security Response Center (MRSC) said in a blog post late on Thursday that the two vulnerabilities were identified as CVE-2022-41040, a server-side request forgery (SSRF) vulnerability, while the second, identified as CVE-2022-41082, allows remote code execution…
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Data in the cloud? What firms should know

The Advantage Cloud technology provides numerous advantages to legal companies. It lowers the cost of maintaining proprietary infrastructure and enables law firms to increase their storage space quickly. Firms can also readily access their data from a variety of devices. As a result, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that more law firms are turning…
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End Of Life Software in 2022

Before we know it, September is finally here. October will be around the corner, which means 2022 is almost over. This sparked my desire to list out software that will be heading towards the end life of support by the end of 2022. Here is the list of software that I know of (last updated:…
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