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Canadian Lawyer Readers Recognize BMC Networks For Expert Security Services

We’re proud to share that we are one of the recipients of the Canadian Lawyer’s Readers’ Choice Awards for 2021. The BMC Networks team is so excited to be recognized for our role in the Canadian legal industry.

[testimonial-box caption=”BMC provides us with a level of service and expertise that would be the envy of many large, full service law firms at a fraction of the cost.” text=”BMC allows our boutique litigation firm to enjoy the benefits of an in-house IT department without the associated costs. BMC provides us with a level of service and expertise that would be the envy of many large, full service law firms at a fraction of the cost.” author-name=”John Logan, Q.C.” company=”Jenkins Mazban Logan LLP”]

BMC Networks Recognized For Excellence By Canadian Lawyer’s Readers

As a proud partner of numerous law firms in Canada, BMC Networks is excited to announce that we have been named to the Canadian Lawyer’s Readers’ Choice Awards. Along with the other winners, we have been selected based on our proven track record of delivering reliable and effective services to law firms in Canada.

What Is The Reader’s Choice Award?

The magazine’s seventh annual Readers’ Choice Awards highlight industry-leading products and services based on direct feedback from the clientele that relies on them. Over the course of a month, the Canadian Lawyer’s research team surveyed their magazine and tallied a total of 3,200 votes.

Overall, 459 products and service providers were listed on the ballot, along with any written-in by voters. The award recognizes the top three selections in each category; BMC Networks is proud to have been named to the Managed Security Services section.

Why Should You Care About This Award?

Let’s be honest about this—what are awards like this actually worth? It can be difficult to answer. From the consumer’s perspective, so many of these types of awards may just seem like industry insiders patting each other on the back.

That’s why you’d be right to be skeptical about the inherent value of awards. Aren’t they just, at their core, a journal exchanging publicity with the businesses it’s recognizing?

Not necessarily—some awards can help you find the businesses that exemplify the type of partner you’d like to work with. For example, the Canadian Lawyer’s Readers’ Choice Award is based on direct feedback from real law firms like yours. This isn’t based on revenue figures, or pay-to-play awards; your peers in the Canadian legal industry voted for us because we do our job extremely well.

This Award Will Help You Find Expert Legal IT Support

At its most simple, these awards help you find the IT companies that law firms should consider working with. The fact is that, whether you’re looking for your first IT company, or you’re looking to switch from one that’s not getting the job done, the process of doing so requires a fair bit of research.

After all, you don’t want to make this decision lightly. You need to find a legal IT company that is capable, knowledgeable, and cost-effective.

Paying attention to awards like the Canadian Lawyer’s Readers’ Choice Award will allow you to focus on IT companies that have been highly successful, which we couldn’t have achieved without delivering a high standard of service quality.

The fact is that, if we weren’t good at what we do, or we weren’t worth the price we charge for service, then Canadian Lawyer’s voters wouldn’t have voted for us.

Our Expert Managed Security Services For Law Firms

BMC Networks is a leading Managed Security Services provider. Our team of cybersecurity experts works with you to implement and maintain a comprehensive managed services plan that will enable operational efficiency, business continuity, and disaster recovery while reducing the overall cost of maintaining your network.

By combining cost-effective leading-edge security technology with managed security services, our customers get a complete cybersecurity solution, providing peace of mind by ensuring the security of critical data and networks. BMC Networks proactively secures and protects your firm against modern cybercrime threats.

Put Our Award-Worthy Expertise To Work For You

As a recipient of Canadian Lawyer’s Readers’ Choice Award, BMC Networks offers proven insight into IT-based best practices and strategies. Get in touch with our team today to discover how we can help you do more with your IT budget.