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CEO of NetDocuments, Josh Baxter, announced Tuesday morning that they have acquired global document management system rival Worldox. Baxter has started that customers would be able to move at their own pace and that both systems would be maintained. Baxter is quoted as saying “Some people will want to move to NetDocuments quickly. Some will need to be more patient and there are other things they need to tackle. We will maintain the Worldox platform for the foreseeable future, for when people are ready to move.”


In a statement by  CIO and co-CEO Rebecca Sattin of Worldox: “Industry trends among law firms and legal teams reflect a prevailing cloud-first strategy and the desire to future-proof their organizations with platforms that can deliver a wide variety of tools, seamlessly connect to other technologies, and scale with their needs. NetDocuments’ proven ability to support these capabilities coupled with their commitment to innovating new, customer-inspired solutions made the combining of our organizations a win-win for customers, partners, employees, and the legal industry as a whole.”


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