Key Insights From Clio’s Legal Trends Report

Discover the state of the legal industry in this on-demand video of our recent webinar hosted by BMC Networks CEO Brian Mauch and featuring Clio’s Lawyer in Residence, Joshua Lenon.
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Webinar Recording: Introduction to Business Valuations – BMC Networks & Blair MacKay Mynett Valuations

As with any other family asset, privately-held business interests need to be valued in order to reach a fair and equitable division of assets. Unlike assets such as bank accounts, RRSPs, the family home, vehicles, etc., however, the value of a privately-held business is often subjective and difficult to ascertain. This presentation will attempt to…
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Webinar Recording: BMC Networks & ProFix: Breaking the Myths of Cloud-Based Applications

Join three C-Suite experts on October 20th for a 30-minute lunch & learn while we discuss the biggest myths surrounding accounting, IT, and operational cloud-based technology… and how not adapting is affecting your bottom line. Anna DiBella (Founder of ProFix Accounting & Strategy), Tania Hogan (ProFix’s Business Growth Strategist), and Brian Mauch (Founder of BMC…
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Webinar Recording: The Four Biggest Mistakes That Prevent Law Firm Success

Colin Cameron and Susan Van Dyke take 60 years of combined legal management experience and funnel it into a rapid-fire 30 minute session. They will reveal the common mistakes that small and mid-sized law firms make and will pack in tons of tips and advice you can use to avoid limiting your firm’s success. This…
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