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How Can Azure Virtual Desktop Support Your Long-Term Remote Work?

Businesses are hiring more and more remote workers—in fact, it’s the way half the country

worked every day even before the pandemic. So many staff members work from home,

outside of the business’ city of operation, and even much further away.

It’s no wonder why—the convenience of being able to take your work wherever you like is a

fantastic benefit of current technology. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a simple prospect…

Effective & Secure Remote Work Challenges

Can You Establish The Necessary Capabilities?

With more being accomplished outside of the workplace than ever before, there is an immediate need to enable secure, remote IT practices that are simple, efficient, and can be done from anywhere on any device.

Can You Afford It?

Additional investment in on-premises virtualization and hardware can be expensive and time-consuming, and puts pressure on available IT budgets as well as on human capital.

Can You Scale Effectively?

The ability to scale quickly and handle the variable server load of a virtualized workforce is critical to business continuity and employee productivity.

Additionally, hitting capacity issues at peak usage times can trigger expensive investments in additional infrastructure as well as interruptions to productivity.

Can You Stay Secure & Compliant?

Meeting compliance requirements and ensuring secure network access remains paramount, especially when employees are working from different devices in various locations.

The fact is that a majority of businesses will need to harness cloud-based capabilities in one shape or another to stay competitive in the modern world. The ability to securely and conveniently access data from any internet-connected device is becoming a necessity.

Mitigating the above concerns means finding the right platform for your remote access. BMC Networks recommends Azure Virtual Desktop.

What Is Azure Virtual Desktop?

This Microsoft technology is used to create a virtualized desktop by separating the operating system from the hardware using a specialized virtual machine called a hypervisor. Users are then able to access operating systems like Windows remotely from any of their devices through a connection broker.

Each virtual machine, or desktop, can be configured for the individual user. Essentially, this offers users the freedom to access their desktop and software suite from any location, at any time, versus being required to log onto a physical computer.

Any organization that wants employees to be able to connect to a remote desktop on various devices from locations should use a virtual desktop infrastructure.

Top Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop

Consistent, Optimized User Experience

Azure Virtual Desktop offers the superior virtualized experience, within the only solution that is fully optimized for  Windows 10 and Microsoft 365.

Azure Virtual Desktop provides the only fully-optimized Windows 10  and Windows Server desktop and application virtualization, for personal devices from any internet-connected location.

It also has the ability to enable remote app streaming for employees and customers. It offers seamless integration with Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise and Microsoft Teams, so employees enjoy the same benefits they expect of desktop experiences.

Manage & Maintain Your Security

Microsoft takes cybersecurity seriously. Azure has more compliance certifications than any other cloud provider, backed by its USD 1 billion annual investment in cybersecurity research and development.

With the wide portfolio of security offerings, Azure Virtual Desktop keeps business applications and user data both secure and compliant.

Azure Virtual Desktop provides end-to-end security with Microsoft’s turnkey security solutions. The platform includes built-in Azure security capabilities and is integrated with the security and management of Microsoft 365.

It will help keep your users, devices, and data safe with multifactor authentication and conditional access. You can also increase protection for your infrastructure with configurable security tools such as Azure Security Center and Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Seamlessly Scale As Needed

Azure Virtual Desktop simplifies the deployment and management of infrastructure and quickly scales based on business demands.

Azure Virtual Desktop Is always up to date because Microsoft and Azure manage the entire VDI for you. This reduces the need for hardware inventory and maintenance, freeing our IT team to focus on users, apps, and OS images.

Keep Your Costs Low

Azure Virtual Desktop users reported a 210% ROI over the course of three years with the solution, based on a range of cost-savings opportunities:

  • 34% cost savings on VDI infrastructure and licensing
  • 59% cost savings on deployment and maintenance
  • 22 additional hours of productivity for every end year

With Azure Virtual Desktop we can save by using existing licenses, leveraging a cloud-based VDI to pay only for what we use, and modernizing our infrastructure using the products that are already in our toolkit.

This free service is accessed through existing Windows and Microsoft 365 eligible licenses.

It provides consumption-based pricing down to the minute—with no up-front costs or termination fees.

Azure Virtual Desktop is the only solution that offers Windows 10 multi-session to add more users and increase utilization of Virtual Machines (VMs).

How The City Of Corona Saved $712,500 USD  With Azure Virtual Desktop

Want a real-world example?

Consider the city of Corona, which wanted to fully virtualize its infrastructure with Microsoft 365 solutions. The goal was to provide simple and secure remote work for every one of its 350 employees.

In the course of just 72 hours, the city deployed Azure Virtual Desktop, and achieved the following:

  • 350 city employees can now securely work remotely
  • Reduction of energy consumption and costs
  • Maintenance and management of secure access with Microsoft Azure Active Directory
  • Focus on improving user experience instead of maintaining hardware

In the end, this saved the city $712,500 USD that they would have otherwise had to spend on new computers.

BMC Networks Delivers Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Expertise

Azure Virtual Desktop can help maximize the efficiency of your workforce, add layers of security, and save your organization money.

One of the easiest ways to implement, maintain, and ensure your virtual desktop technology reaches its potential, is with the help of a professional IT managed services company specializing in Microsoft Azure services.

Our team can provide your staff with a robust Azure Virtual Desktop platform that will help increase your efficiency and productivity, without having to risk your data.

Talk to our technicians about our Azure Virtual Desktop services and how they will benefit your organization.