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Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution (BDR)

Your firm has valuable client data, communication, and most important your firm’s reputation you are trying to protect at all times.  You may have heard from other people talking about the topic of business continuity and disaster recovery planning. You also heard that the Law Society of BC asks firms to get ready before and…
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Legal Accounting Software – Part 1 – Small & Medium

Technology helps enable productivity only when you pick the right one to use. Everything that you do at your law practice is affected by the application(s) that you choose. It impacts how you work, where you work, and also the type of work you can do. No matter what time it is, in the office…
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What is MFA Fatigue?

MFA Fatigue Also known as “prompt bombing,” was found to be a common technique utilized for access during recent cyberattacks. The objective is to send the target’s phone a barrage of notifications asking for sign-in authorization in the hope that the target will mistakenly think there is a problem with the MFA application. These notifications…
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Breaking News – Worldox acquired by NetDocuments

CEO of NetDocuments, Josh Baxter, announced Tuesday morning that they have acquired global document management system rival Worldox. Baxter has started that customers would be able to move at their own pace and that both systems would be maintained. Baxter is quoted as saying “Some people will want to move to NetDocuments quickly. Some will…
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