Modernize Your Law Firm With Effective Technology Solutions

Are technology issues slowing you down? Not sure how to leverage the cloud? Is your firm’s IT strategy not aligned with your business plan?

BMC Networks provides technology services and IT support for law firms across Canada. Supportive, responsive, and high-quality IT solutions that removes barriers to productivity and providing much-needed peace of mind.

Providing an all-inclusive range of IT services for law firms across Canada, BMC Networks caters to all aspects of law firm IT infrastructure – leaving no room for guesswork or errors. 

With over 20+ years of experience, we’ll resolve all of your IT challenges promptly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. 

Our reliable support team will help you make the best decisions concerning IT challenges, from choosing the right tools to buying from the right vendors.


Learn about our Strategic Technology Roadmap for Law Firms
Modernize Your Law Firm With Effective Technology Solutions
Protect Your Clients’ Confidential Data With Our Cybersecurity Platform

Protect Your Clients’ Confidential Data With Our Umbrella Security Platform

Cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving field, and law firms need to stay one step ahead of bad actors who seek to access their data for mischief and financial gain.

BMC Networks has created the Umbrella Security platform for law firms, based on law society recommendations and industry best practices. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that their clients’ confidential data is safe and secure.


Industry-Leading IT Services for Law Firms Across Canada

Legal-Specific IT Solutions

Legal-Specific IT Solutions

Law firms require industry-specific IT support, so we’ve dedicated over 20 years to developing our expertise specifically in the legal IT sector.

The result? A complete understanding of your needs and solutions, including file management, human resource management, digital communications, and digital marketing.

Providing Peace of Mind

Providing Peace of Mind

With our unmatched industry expertise, 24/7 support, and responsive team of professionals, we provide law firms with a reliable IT partner. We’ll take care of your tech, so you can focus on other crucial aspects of your business.

Customized Services

Customized Services

IT issues can soak up operational costs, cause customer churn, and damage your business’s reputation. We get straight to the heart of any IT problem with solutions to help clients avoid downtime, disruptions, and other operational challenges.

Commitment To Security

Commitment To Security

The security and integrity of client data is our number one priority. All of our solutions comply with the highest standards of data management in Canada and incorporate only the latest and most powerful data security strategies.

A Wide Range of Expertise

A Wide Range of Expertise

We provide a diverse group of IT professionals with expertise in many different areas. Our multi-disciplinary team can deliver customized and effective solutions that will minimize downtime and productivity delays for your firm.

Access Industry-Leading IT Services for Law Firms


"BMC allows our boutique litigation firm to enjoy the benefits of an in-house IT department without the associated costs. BMC provides us with a level of service and expertise that would be the envy of many large, full service law firms at a fraction of the cost.”

John Logan, K.C.Jenkins Mazban Logan LLP

"BMC Networks created and maintains a Microsoft Azure cloud environment for our firm that is fast, reliable and secure. BMC understands our needs, and helps us plan for the future and make the most of our technology.””

Greg PalmHamilton Duncan

"As a mid-sized firm with 90 computers, our goal was to reduce the time management spent resolving computer issues in order to improve service to our clients, and BMC has delivered on all fronts. Brian and his team are calm and professional, and their impressive and straightforward handling of service requirements and issues has instilled comfort throughout the firm."

Christopher Weafer and Harvey DelaneyOwen Bird Law Corporation

“BMC has provided our growing law firm with the support we have needed since 2016. They have been instrumental in guiding us through developing IT systems and policies that effectively supports a team of legal professionals working across the country and allowed us to seamlessly move into a virtual work environment. Their support is timely and effective and I particularly appreciate their strategic advice that has allowed us to move out of a reactive and into a proactive approach to our IT needs.”

Robert Janes, K.C.JFK Law Corporation

"Getting BMC to look after our IT needs was a terrific move for our firm. Our security flaws were fixed, our employees are always able to use their equipment, and the BMC team is available at a moments notice when issues arise.”

Jon WalshDuMoulin Boskovich LLP

"Branch MacMaster has grown up with BMC Networks since our firm’s establishment in 1998. More than anything, we appreciate their calming influence. Firms will always face technological challenges, but if you have a calm steady hand at the tiller, you will not run aground. Brian and his team provide that guidance and support with timely service, clear recommendations, and a long-range outlook.”

Ward BranchBranch MacMaster LLP

"Since switching to the team at BMC for our IT support I find that I spend less time worrying about my IT infrastructure and more time focussing on how I can improve my IT systems to help my firm efficiently provide better client service.”

Carl JacobsonSynergy Business Lawyers LLP

"Brian Mauch and his BMC team have been our sole I.T. providers since we opened our doors in June, 2002. They got us quickly out of the starting blocks and remain by our sides through the marathon of practicing law. BMC is conveniently located downtown to respond to our needs with appropriate priority.”

Delane KnightBernard LLP

"We have been using BMC Networks as of 2014 and have found their people to be very friendly and professional at all times. The relationship we have with BMC means that our professionals can work productively without annoying interruptions that can arise from “technology issues”. Our team would heartily recommend BMC to any other professional services firm.”

Robert MackayBlair Mackay Mynett Valuations

"BMC provided us with strategic advice in the setup of our technology platform and the operating systems for our new law firm. If you are planning to start a new law firm or are thinking of revamping your technology platform and do not have an inhouse IT Department, do yourself a favour and contact BMC.”

David MartinStirling LLP

"BMC Networks ensures that our technology is reliable, which is crucial for my business to operate effectively. They are efficient and responsive to our needs, and pleasant to deal with.”

Wayne SmithiesMartello Property Services

"Our firm has been using BMC Networks since 1999. Throughout this time we have found its service to be first-rate, and its staff to be knowledgeable, practical and client-oriented.”

John MendesLesperance Mendes Lawyers

"BMC has been a valued partner in our firm’s success since our opening day back in 1998. With their forward thinking in anticipating our needs, their spot-on recommendations, and their “always on” support, BMC has turned our IT challenges into one less thing to worry about."

Gregory GehlenGehlen Dabbs Lawyers